Miscellaneous (한 + EN)

April 2020

2020-04-05 14:52
1. A false dilemma

Covid-19 presents stark choices between life, death and the economy (The Economist, April 2nd)

Some say there is a trade-off: save lives or save jobs – this is a false dilemma (The Telegraph, April 3rd)

— Shin, H. (April 4, 2020). Facebook.

2. American exceptionalism/hubris & American political elites

"The image of American hubris against the coronavirus is of Florida’s beaches packed with Spring Breakers. Mr DeSantis had refused to close them—thereby drawing instant comparisons with the mayor of Amity Island in the “Jaws” films. A heat map of the cell-phone signals emitted by a crowd of fun-seekers on Fort Lauderdale beach—almost two months after America had recorded its first coronavirus case—suggests they have since fanned out all across America.

Florida alone had over 7,000 confirmed coronavirus cases at the time of writing and the number was doubling every three-to-four days. But most of its businesses were still free to operate, Mr DeSantis having refused to lock the state down. Under mounting pressure from anxious Floridians, he said he would do so from April 3rd, fully two weeks after Mr Newsom."

— n. d. (April 2, 2020). Ron DeSantis is Donald Trump’s and the coronavirus’s favourite governor. The Economist.