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Ah, Parasite

2020-02-10 16:40

"봉준호 감독이 미국 가주지역 나성의 로컬 영화제를 휩쓸었다는 소식입니다."

— 박대기 (2020. 2. 10). Twitter.

"Of course, we are dancing around his journey into the carnival that is an Academy Awards campaign, which seems to mildly amuse him from a distance. I ask what he thinks of the fact that no Korean film has ever been nominated for an Oscar despite the country’s outsize influence on cinema in the past two decades. "It’s a little strange, but it’s not a big deal," he says, shrugging. “The Oscars are not an international film festival. They’re very local.""

— Jung, E. A. (Oct 7, 2019). Bong Joon-ho’s dystopia is already here. Vulture.

"Behind Parasite's — and Korea's — catapult to the forefront of the cinematic conversation is Miky Lee, the heiress turned media mogul ... In fact, it's possible to draw a direct line between CJ's investment in the local film industry and the rise of filmmakers like Bong, meaning that without Lee's support, Parasite might not even exist."

— Sun, R. (Feb 7, 2020). From 'Parasite' to BTS: Meet the most important mogul in South Korean entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter.


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